1. Herbie Hancock - Rain Dance (by matyucurry)

  2. Charles Mingus - Moanin’ (by mohammertime)

  3. Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters - Hang Up Your Hang Ups - Tokyo 2005 (by mynameisfuzzyjohnson)

  4. KING CANNIBAL - MURDER US (feat. Jahcoozi) (by h6k810vb)

  5. Silverfish- Big Bad Baby Pig Squeal (by Jzzzzzzz)


  6. Instrumental Produced By Mr. Carmack X Jacuzzi


  7. Rachel E - Bounce



  9. Unofficial remix of the talented Rochelle Jordan… Listening to her music inspired us to do this please check out her music here
    And our music here
    Four Lung Edits by Sahin Meyer


  11. Tine Synøve Sandmo - Flip you the finger (by Rachel E)


  12. 1.95 shakuhachi + processing © hervé perez
    improvisation recorded in sutton saint nicholas church on 31 07 2012


  13. sounding out project exploring outdoor acoustics and sacred sites. soprano saxophone improvisation recorded in ilam church, pike watts memorial, peak district on 30 september 2011

  14. Tine Synøve Sandmo - I can’t see it anymore (by Rachel E)


  15. June 30th BLKBTR45

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